Meet the Team

Our Board of Trustees


Samira Muse
Samira is Director of the Barton Hill Activity Club CIC. Samira brings a strong neighbourhood insight into local needs. She is in close and regular contact with all the parents in Lawrence Hill Ward of Bristol, and a key part of grassroots activities and community organising on the estate.

Dr Madge Dresser, F.R.H.S., R.S.A
Madge was Associate Professor in History at the University of the West of England until 2016 and has since been appointed Honorary Professor in Historical Studies at the University of Bristol. A graduate of UCLA, LSE and the University of Bristol, she has published and broadcast widely on slavery and its legacy in Britain and on such issues as race, ethnicity, women's history and migration. Much of her work uses Bristol as a base from which to explore these global themes. Her campaigning work as a trustee of the national social justice charity 'Journey to Justice' complements her longstanding relationship with the Bristol Somali Resource Centre.

Dr Kuba Jablonowski
Kuba is a lecturer in political geography at the University of Exeter, and a research associate at campaign group the3million. He is also researcher on issues of social inclusion and race equality.

Abdi Mohamed
Abdi is a project manager at Golden Key and professional mental health worker. He was on the board Refugee Rights for years before joining Bristol Somali Resource Centre. He has a scientific background, with a MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol and has worked on several research studies.

Dr Hen Wilkinson
Hen has a PhD in conflict resolution. She is the founder and Director of Community Resolve. She has 20 years+ experience of working in central Bristol to build communication and understanding between the different cultural groups and backgrounds living in the City. She has experience of building and developing a voluntary sector organisation, of fundraising, and of working collaboratively across organisations and sectors.

Saluugla Hassan
Saluugla has an LLB Hons degree in European & International Law and an MA in International Relations (Diplomacy). Herself a BSRC service user when she was in University, after finishing her MA, she decided to give something to the community and joined the BSRC board of trustees.

On joining the board, she said "I became intrigued by the work the BSRC does when I used some of its services for myself. I align myself with many of the ethics and values espoused by BSRC and the great work it does for individuals and the community as a whole".

Fatia Gure

Fatia has a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Criminology and an MSc in Social Work and is currently working in the field of Social Work. She is passionate about social justice, race equality and mental health. Fatia is currently undertaking a post graduate course to become an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) and has joined the BSRC board of Trustees to give back to the community.