Zahrah's first days on the BSRC reception desk

Zahrah's first days on the BSRC reception desk

Wednesday 25th January 2023
A volunteer's perspective on daily life at the BSRC office

Zahrah, a recent graduate from Bath Spa University and volunteer with BSRC, gives us a taste of what it's like on the welcome desk at our advice centre.

I had quite the time volunteering as a receptionist at the Somali Resource Centre. I spent the two days answering the phone for calls from clients and arranging their appointments in the date books, as well as speaking to people at the desk and directing them toward the people whom they needed. Many people also asked for help with emergencies with things such as overdue bills and council tax.

Though, as with any job, there are some more demanding clients, it has been a rewarding experience as I am learning, new skills such as interacting with customers as well as arranging dates and appointments, which has helped my anxiety.