Tenant's Hall Development

Tenants Hall Development


The Tenants Hall Building was surveyed in 2021 and concluded that several major elements of the building were no longer serviceable and needed to be rebuilt. These included the main floor of the hall, the roof and the external masonry walls. In view of the likely substantial extra cost of refurbishing the existing building above the cost of new construction therefore, it was agreed that the existing building should be demolished and the site should be offered for new development. Bristol City Council announced they had secured a £200,000 grant from the government's Brownfield Land Release Fund to allow plans to clear the site to progress and in its place construct a community space at ground level with housing above. The grant would also allow for the removal of asbestos from the site.

The Tenants Hall Building was offered under Bristol City Council's Community Led Housing Land Disposal Policy and BSRC, in collaboration with local community organisations and residents, has developed proposals for the use of the land. The project will comprise a number of affordable flats - between 11 and 13 depending on the planning permission obtained - and a set of community facilities on the ground floor.

Demolition Update

BCC put out a tender in the late summer of 2023 and the contract was awarded to Weavers Construction in October 2023. The Tenants Hall steering group requested that part of the contract that Barton Hill History group were able to identify and remove any historical artefacts.

Demolition of Tenants Hall started in December 2023, with the removal of the extension of the hall. The removal of vegetation and the stripping out the roof by hand commenced with an ecologist on site to ensure no disturbance to bats or nesting birds. BCC has provided bat boxes on the rear boundary wall. This process has been slowed to clear syringes and debris from the site.

Letters have been sent to around 40 neighbouring properties to provide information on the demolition. Weavers have now also been liaising with the Barton Hill History group who have had access to the hall to allow them to identify objects of local historical interest that will be removed and passed on to the History Group before demolition. This has proved a welcomed collaboration as the Barton History Group has already uncovered an old notice board, signage and some other historical items.

Weavers removed the roof and secured the site for the Christmas break. Demolition recommenced on the 4th January and Weavers will continue with roof removal and vegetation clearance. Screen scaffolding will be erected to the east elevation adjacent to no 237 Avonvale Road. The demolition is expected to take place in the second or third week of January depending on what is uncovered at the site as the work progresses. The HERAS fencing will remain until the demolition is completed and then the site will be secured with wooden hoardings During the demolition dust and noise levels will be kept to a minimum and the site dampened to prevent dust nuisance if necessary. Updates will be available via BSRC Website

The Project Update

BSRC and the project team have been working hard in the background with Studio One 50 the architects, the community and the steering group to ensure that the scheme represents the communities needs. BSRC conducted three community consultations over the 2022/23 period with the support of BSWN. Reports can be found on the website. Draft plans were presented to the community at an event on the 10th of November at the Wellspring Centre. This was an opportunity for the draft plans to be open for consultation and feedback. BSRC is now seeking a development partner / Housing Association to develop the housing aspect of the project through an expression of interest process which concluded at the end of February. Further updates will be shared soon through the project's own website.