Reflecting on Ramadan at BSRC

Reflecting on Ramadan at BSRC

Tuesday 18th April 2023

You'd think that the month Ramadan would be a quieter one at our advice centre, with our clientele focusing on fasting and reflection. But this year, the opposite has been true. The centre has never been busier, the diaries full and reception full of people waiting for support with their problems. Understandably, staff energy levels have dipped due to the lack of coffee and meals, but the team have been working diligently to meet the constant demand.

The main concerns for our service users this month have included housing issues such as overdue rent and homelessness, as well as chasing landlords for repairs. There are also the many who couldn't afford their energy bills or essential shopping. Families not eligible for free school meals are struggling to pay for their children's lunches, let alone new clothes for Eid. Meanwhile more people than ever have come to us for food bank vouchers.

This has been no ordinary Ramadan at BSRC. As the high cost of living continues to bite, the need for our advice and support seems only to grow.