Celebrating Volunteer Week 2023

Celebrating Volunteer Week 2023

Tuesday 13th June 2023
Illustration by Zahra Abdirahman (another talented BSRC volunteer).

Spending time in a centre like ours, you really get to see why volunteers deserve an annual week-long celebration. During the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, BSRC welcomed dozens of motivated and generous locals onto the team to make sure the most vulnerable and isolated members of the community received deliveries of good, fresh food.

More recently, qualified volunteer teachers have joined us to deliver English courses, some focusing on essential speaking skills for getting into work, and another to build learners' literacy and equip them for better-paying jobs or further education. "We love teaching the class," says lead teacher Jan. "The women are so much fun and so delightful! We're constantly touched by their generosity towards us and by their thoughtfulness." To celebrate the end of the academic year, Jan and co-teacher Celice will take their students for a boat trip and picnic, an opportunity to explore some less familiar areas of their home city.

The staff of BSRC are always delighted to hear ideas from potential volunteers of ways they could put their particular skills and passions to use in our local community. These volunteer-led projects can often grow into key parts of our service. Rob, who began as a volunteer offering employment and education advice, now offers the same support as a full-time member of staff. "The demand for this help was huge," he recollects, "and it was not long before we could show funders what a difference the support was making."

What could you bring as a volunteer to BSRC? Get in touch and let us know.